On-Going Projects

On-Going Projects

Cooperative Communication in Cellular Networks: Protocol Design and Performance Analysis

Principal Investigator  :-    Dr Aditya Jagannatham, IIT Kanpur

Modelling spill over effect of financial inclusion on telecommunication in India

Principal Investigator  :-    Dr. Taufeeque Ahmad Siddiqui, Assistant Professor, Centre for Management Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

A techno-economic study of Spectrum of the Commons and associated policy implications

Principal Investigator  :-    Dr V Sridhar, IIIT Bangalore and Dr Rohit Prasad, MDI Gurgaon

Embedding Manufacture of Tablets and Mobile Phones in India - A case study of the problems, policies and prospects'

Principal Investigator  :-    Prof Sebastian Morris and Prof Ajay Pandey, IIMA

Leveraging Knowledge Networks for Enabling Innovations in Higher Education and Research Institutes in India and UK

Principal Investigator  :-    Prof Rekha Jain, IIMA; Prof Manjari Singh, IIMA; Dr Jillian MacBryde, University of Strathclyde; and Dr Jason Whalley, University of Strathclyde