Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Development of a Novel Authentication System using Daily Activity

Principal Investigator  :-    Prof Niloy Ganguly and Dr Bivas Mitra, IIT Kharagpur

Abstract :-   

Project Completed: January 2017

Passwords have been the canonical method of authenticating a user’s identity. It has been immensely successful, allowing an effective balance of secu [...]    View More

Strategy for Growth of Smartphone Manufacturing Ecosystem in India

Principal Investigator  :-    Prof Ravi Shankar, IIT Delhi

Project Completed: March 2016

Semiconductor Industry Ecosystem and the Critique of India's Electronics Policy

Principal Investigator  :-    Prof Amit Bhatt, DAIICT

Project Report Submitted : February 2016

Case Study Development for Africa Airtel

Principal Investigator  :-    Prof Rekha Jain, IIMA

Project Report Submitted : January 2016

Lessons from Telecom Sector Reforms for Other Infrastructure Sectors

Principal Investigator  :-    Prof Rekha Jain and Prof G Raghuram, IIMA

Project Report Submitted : March 2015

Optimal Strategies for Reliable Service in MIMO-OFDM Multiuser Cellular Broadcast Systems

Principal Investigator  :-    Dr Aditya Jagannatham, IIT Kanpur

Project Report Submitted : December 2014

In Sync and Sight with Technology- Arvind Eye Care System

Principal Investigator  :-    Ms Srishti Shaw, IIMA and Ms Neha Hathiari, IITCOE

Project Report Submitted : August 2014

Relationship Alignment in Strategic Outsourcing

Principal Investigator  :-    Prof Rajanish Dass and Prof Kirti Sharda, IIMA

Project Report Submitted : November 2013

A Study on the Potential Adaption of E-learning on Portable Mobile Devices and its Impact on Wireless Broadband Usage

Principal Investigator  :-    Dr Sridhar Varadharajan, Sasken

Project Report Submitted : September 2013

Improvement in Monitoring of USOF Wire Line Broadband Scheme and Impact Assessment

Principal Investigator  :-    Prof Rekha Jain, IIMA

Project Report Submitted : December 2012